eSIM Subscription management

Subscription management

PaaS Subscription Management for eSIM.
Nordic eSIM is your Platform as a Service, PaaS, partner in subscription managing your eSIMs, including fully scalable and SMSR and SMDP for your eSIM.

APIs and Interfaces.
Our server interfaces are available through language-neutral format and can be mapped and called via interfaces defined by GSMA.

Flexible HTTPS eSIM delivery.

The robust and well-designed subscription management system is fully compatible with your existing systems, through flexible and secure interfaces.

eSIM from prototyping to subscriber base launch.

Nordic eSIM offers flexible and fully scalable subscription management for provisioning of eSIM on eUICC, with easy operation and eSIM activation on our secure subscription management servers.

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Source: Figure 2 Remote SIM Provisioning System (GSMA RSP Technical Specification – SGP.22)

Our infrastructure service

Nordic eSIM gives state-of-the-art subscription management for both machine to machine and consumer directed subscription management, through our PaaS secure solution in the cloud. Our robust and well-designed subscription management system is running mirrored on robust high availability servers with 99.8% uptime.

Our PaaS is  GSM Association and SIMalliance compliant, with the SMDP provisioning the eSIMs, creating the complete eSIM personalisation profile and the SMSR encrypted routing and personalising the eSIM onto the eUICC.



Our experience is more than 20 years of experience in ID, payment and data management and includes production of  drivers licenses ID cards and social security ID cards. We are ISO certified per the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard and per the ISO 27001: 2013 safety standard.
With our subscription management system, you can control and account your eSIM profiles. The Nordic eSIM subscription management servers interact perfectly with the eUICC, including the crypto controller on the eUICC.

Our servers are compliant with the GSM association and the SIMalliance standards and additionally fully comply with Global Platform standards of remote provisioning of the eSIM on the eUICC, including Elliptic Curve Cryptography, AES.

Customer service

Our support is customised to your needs, and may include:
Creation of eSIM profiles and resulting codes for downloading.
Creation of output data, for provisioning on your network.
Test of profile download, activation and deactivation of the eSIM
Trial eUICC cards and modules
Integration with VPN, SMPP and HTTPS
Your business development
Customised profiles with applications
Q&A, Training, 1st 2nd 3rd line support, Product development